SSN prefix: Numbers acording to the state

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is in charge of administering Social Security Numbers according to the state in which you reside. These numbers have a different SSN prefix, depending on where the citizen was born or issued their Social Security Number.

SSN prefix: Numbers acording to the state

Many people believe that these numbers are chosen randomly or in numerical order, but this is not the case, it depends on the SSN prefix. Keep reading this article to find out which state’s SSN prefix is applicable to you.

What is the Social Security Number?

An individual’s Social Security Number is a nine-digit series that records the income or wages earned by each U.S. citizen or permanent resident, whether self-employed or employed.

In addition, the SSN allows individuals to begin receiving Social Security benefits. This is why it is essential to have a card that verifies your social security number.

Why do I need a card?

As we mentioned earlier, a Social Security card is very important to get a job and to get Social Security benefits, as well as other government benefits. It is very important that you keep your Social Security card under lock and key and only carry it with you if you know you will need it. Otherwise, you may lose your card and have to get a new one.

Remember that this document is one of the most important, not only to prove your identity, but also, as we said above, it will allow you to get a job or apply for loans with banks or other official organizations.

SSN prefix: Numbers acording to the state

In case it is lost or stolen, you will have to get a temporary replacement until you get a new card. To learn more about how to replace it, you can go to this link and get information about this procedure.

IMPORTANT: Do not carry the card in your wallet, as you could lose it or someone could misuse your identity.

How SSN prefix are divided

Today, Social Security numbers are issued by the Social Security Administration, where the state in which you reside comes into play. Prior to 1972, these numbers were recorded according to the prefix of the SSA office where each SSN was issued.

Since that year, the SSN prefix continues to be on these numbers, which indicate where the number was issued, even though they are all processed at the general office of the Social Security Administration. This SSN prefix method allows the numbers to be sorted by state.

How SSN prefix are designated

If the SSN is issued at the time of the citizen’s birth, his or her SSN prefix is that of the place in the United States where the child was born. In the event that an immigrant applies for his or her SSN, or is applied for as a grandparent, the SSN prefix varies according to the state in which the citizen resides at the time this series of nine digits and two separate bars is issued.

SSN prefix: Numbers acording to the state


If the person is an immigrant, or applied for an SSN later in life, the prefix shows which state they resided in at the time their SSN was issued. It should be noted that there are some SSN prefixes that are reserved for the future, so they do not identify any state, such as “000”.

U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, or the Philippine Islands, have a unique SSN prefix, unlike other U.S. states.

SSN prefix for each state

Now that you know the reason for the prefix that appears on your social security number, we provide you with the information in the chart below, with the SSN prefix according to the state in which you reside, or in which the number was issued.

Estado emitido

Prefijo de nĂºmero

  • 416-424
  • 574
  • 526-527
  • 600-601
  • 764-765
  • 429-432
  • 676-679
  • 545-573
  • 602-626
North Carolina
  • 237-246
  • 681-690
South Carolina
  • 247-251
  • 654-658
  • 521-524
  • 650-653
  • 040-049
North Dakota
  • 501-502
South Dakota
  • 503-504
  • 221-222
District of Columbia
  • 577-579
Enumeration of Entery
  • 729-733
  • 700-728
  • 261-267
  • 589-595
  • 765-772
  • 252-260
  • 667-675
Guam, American Samoa and the Philippines
  • 586
  • 575-576
  • 750-751
  • 518-519
  • 318-361
  • 303-317
  • 478-485
Virgin Islands
  • 580
  • 508-515
  • 400-407
  • 433-439
  • 659-665
  • 004-007
  • 212-220
  • 010-034
  • 362-386
  • 468-477
  • 425-428
  • 587-588
  • 752-755
  • 486-500
  • 516-517
  • 505-508
  • 530
  • 680
New Jersey
  • 135-158
New York
  • 050-134
New Hampshire
  • 001-003
New Mexico
  • 525
  • 585
  • 648-649
  • 268-302
  • 440-448
  • 540-544
  • 159-211
Puerto Rico
  • 596-599
Rhode Island
  • 035-039
  • 408-415
  • 756-763
  • 449-467
  • 627-647
  • 528-529
  • 008-009
  • 223-231
  • 691-699
West Virginia
  • 233-236
West Virginia – North Carolina
  • 232
  • 531-539
  • 387-399
  • 520

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Social Security Number used for?

The Social Security Number is one of the most commonly used identification documents in the United States. This number is required at the time of making transactions in your bank account or with financial institutions, in addition to applying for disability or retirement benefits.

This number is necessary to file taxes, apply for credit cards or loans, and even to find a job. It is very important that you know your SSN, and that you have it available when needed. This does not mean that you should carry it with you at all times, as it can be lost or stolen.

On the other hand, if you are employed, your employer will ask for this number to track work credits and also to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.

At what age do I need to apply for a Social Security card?

In the article we mentioned that the SSN is issued, for the most part, at the time of birth of the citizen. This must be applied for by the parents once the child is born. Thus, they will be able to obtain the SSN and the corresponding card for the newborn.

In case the person was not born in the United States, the card will be issued based on immigration behavior and identity verification, among other criteria.

In any case, there is no stipulated age for obtaining the SSN, as it depends on several factors, such as those mentioned above.