Can you laminate your social security card?

There are many documents that can be laminated for longer lasting protection, but if you have been wondering if you can laminate your social security card, in this article you will find out the answer.

Can you laminate your social security card?

If you are one of those people who need more care for your documents, or simply want to protect them from any possible damage and to make them more resistant, such as Medicare card, driver’s license, passport or credit card, among others, keep reading this article and you will find out whether or not you can laminate your social security card for a longer duration, since this card is a simple paper that can suffer scratches or stain.

Can you laminate your social security card?

The fear of having to process again some important document leads people to want to laminate such documentation, but is this legal? Can you laminate your social security card? At we have the answer to your questions.

For starters, you no longer have to worry about whether or not you can laminate your social security card, because you can, but that’s not all. The Social Security Administration (SSA) recommends that you do not laminate your SS card, and on their official website they indicate the reasons, which we will discuss in the next section.

Why does the SSA recommend not laminating your social security card?

As we said before, although you can laminate your social security card, what the SSA recommends is not to do it. Why is this? Basically, the reason the SSA recommends not laminating your social security card is that the card contains security information that may be obscured by lamination.

Among the relevant information that the SS card possesses, we can find an anti-copy pattern on the paper on which the card is produced. If this document is laminated, the aforementioned information could be illegible and it would be impossible to detect these security symbols.

Consequences of laminating the social security card

The card with the Social Security number is personal and confidential information, so, in case you laminate your card and these digits are not visible, it would be a big problem, not only because of their illegibility, which would prevent you from using it for identification purposes, but also because, in case of loss, it would be very easy for scammers to use your card and SSN for fraud.

Can you laminate your social security card?

It is safest to maintain the authenticity of your card, so as not to have possible inconveniences when presenting it in requested places, such as, for example, when getting a job and proving your identification, since the employer could consider it invalid and, subsequently, you could not get the job.

Is it illegal to laminate a social security card?

We already know that you can laminate your Social Security card, although the SSA does not recommend it. However, laminating your social security card is not illegal, since everyone can make the decision to laminate or not, although the recommendation is made.

In any case, if your card is laminated, the Social Security office will not ask the police for a warrant or anything similar, so you don’t have to worry about that. As we said, the SSA’s recommendation is only a suggestion, it is not mandatory, nor are there any laws prohibiting this lamination.

TIP: Keep in mind the SSA’s recommendation about laminating your Social Security card, as it could save you from future identification problems.

How to remove the lamination from Social Security card

Have you laminated your social security card and are sorry for it? Don’t despair, there is a way to remove the lamination, but you will need to be patient and very careful, or, in extreme cases, ask for help from someone who can do it. It is a simple process, so you will probably be able to do it without help.

Although it is a rather tedious method, heat is the best solution for getting rid of laminations, as it allows the plastic to come off without damaging the card. In the event that you have damaged your card while trying to remove the plastic (or for any other reason that damaged the document), you will need to apply for a new replacement Social Security card.

How to protect documents without laminating them

There are many documents that a citizen must, and can, have, such as birth certificates, credit cards, passports and other legal papers. It is best NOT to laminate these documents, but how to protect them? Here are some tips that could help you to keep your documents intact.

  • Keep your documents in a protected and secure place, such as a safe, with a key, preferably fire and water resistant.
  • Ideally, they should be “hidden” somewhere in your home.
  • To avoid theft, you can keep it in the safe deposit box of your local bank.
  • Do not take your documents with you every time you go out.
  • Only remove these documents from their storage place if necessary. This way, you will avoid possible identity theft or loss.

Other ways to protect your Social Security card

Lamination of the card is not the only method you can use in case you want to protect it. Here are some alternatives to avoid lamination and still protect your card.

In addition to what we mentioned in the previous section, a great option to protect your card without laminating it is to use one of the following ways:

  • Plastic sleeve, such as those used for baseball cards.
  • Removable plastic case: you can slide your card with total ease and you will be able to automatically verify your identity to whoever asks you for it.

Can you laminate your social security card?

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